If you have read the prior page on Aeromarine’s history with electric aircraft then you will know that the most suitable aircraft for electric power have minimal power requirements. They either fly very slow or are very clean and efficient. Or both. Most LSA aircraft are not efficient. Most ultralights have too much drag. Self-launching gliders and motor-gliders work well on electric power. Not much else does.

We have had some success with the Zigolo even though it does have a lot of drag. It also flys well at only 30mph and, with the low wing loading, can float in mild thermals. We could fly for an hour and that made it a viable electric aircraft. Barely. The bigger problem is that the classic tube and fabric open-air ultralight has limited ‘curb appeal.’ They are not for everybody. Maybe ultralights are just too ultralighty. And of course, the 2-stroke engine is a big deterrent for many due to the noise, vibration, and reliability, at least historically.

Yet the ultralight market is strong and growing. And for good reason. Flying low and slow is special. And flying with basically zero FAA oversight is really special. And, it may be the only form of flying left to those pilots who have lost their medicals and are no longer able to fly even LSA aircraft.

Introducing the ELECTROLITE ™

What? A new name? Yeah, this is going to be such a special aircraft that it needs its own name. Or call it the electric Merlin Lite. We will see which name sticks.

Merlin Lite serial #2 is getting fitted now with our custom electric power package. We will have 10 Kwh of battery power in two 40 lb packs. This is as easy to lift as a bag of water softener salt. Yet power for an hour of flight with some small reserve.

Integrated with a 30kw outrunner motor and our custom 3-blade carbon propeller. The Electrolite will be a very special aircraft. Electric power does add to the price. And it makes no sense to pay more to go slower for less time. But the mission of an ultralight is not to go fast or far. It is to go slow and enjoy the flying experience. And the enjoyment factor just gets ramped up a lot with a smooth, reliable, quiet, and clean propulsion system.

In the next few weeks we will be bench testing then flight testing our electric system. Merlin Lite serial #2 will be the first of many. We will be posting data and videos when available.