I watched your latest AV Web interview and was most impressed with your Merlin presentation. I realize you have matched your airframe to the Rotax 582 and the electric drive train but I am curious if there is any possibility of fitting a D-Motor into this package. Building a Jabiru-style firewall-forward kit, designing a cowling and getting the balance right might be asking for too much but the narrow side-valve configuration of this engine made me curious about its application in your Merlin.

I realize you are crazy busy so this is definitely low priority.

Happy Birthday! Chip, You did a great job building my plane after ten years it still runs and fly’s like new.

Congratulations to Chip Erwin, and praise to the factory for the installation and approval of the HKS engine. Am eager to see test-flight performance figures (specifically rates-of-climb) between the HKS and Rotax 582.

One of the top three things I saw at Airventure this year. It was great to see it in person. Very roomy (and I’m 5’9″ 200+). One of the top three things I saw at Airventure this year. Now if there was only an O100 to put under that cowling.

Thanks, Chip! BTW, Good luck with the Stinger project. I will be following it with great interest. Based on the one construction photo it looks to be a very solid little airplane; kind of like a modernized RV-3. Actually, it reminds me of the “Endeavor” Reno air racer. Smart move on the part of the guys over at Sprite. Hope this partnership really pays off for you. Bridging the gap between open-cockpit ultra-light and LSA with lightweight single-seaters was brilliant. Offering that direct-drive electric motor and innovative battery should put you in a leadership position, as well. The future looks exciting!

I have flown the Merlin in some turbulent conditions and can say it is very stable with only light inputs needed to keep on track. I know from experience that if I was flying my flexwing trike (Quik GT450) I would have had a very good workout to say the least.
Have I made the correct decision in purchasing this aircraft, So far the answer is defiantly YES! YES! YES !!!.
My thanks go to Graham Smith of Sprite Aviation (Importer/dealer who struggles to understand northern English banter and dialects) and fellow builder Bernard Carpenter for their help, support and encouragement in getting this project off the ground.