More like vendor-bonding show. Never a lot of people here and tough flying weather didn’t help. But the truth is the people who do make it to this show for the most part have genuine knowledge and interest in LSA-class aircraft. And quite a few people have been lurking on the internet watching my videos and blogs. I think I am up to 10 readers by now.

We did have a LOT of news almost ready to make public. So this show was kind of a ‘soft’ introduction to our new V-Twin engine and the new idea to make a fully Part 103 compliant Merlin Lite ultralight.

And I did get to dodge antennas both to and from the show. MVFR the entire day Saturday and wearing every jacket a brought to the show in an effort to keep warm. Winter has arrived to Florida finally but no pond hockey just yet. One can always hope.

See my previous post for some teaser about our new V-Twin. I can tell you it is HALF the cost of the HKS and a LOT more modern plus even lighter. And when it wears out just toss it and put a new one in because it costs less than the HKS rebuild! We are pushing hard to get this engine flying in the Merlin in our Dayton R&D center. Maybe 2 weeks or so. Then I can verify and publish the performance. Expecting about the same as the 582 and HKS which means EXCELLENT.

Oh, BTW I have calculated that I can make a Merlin in a very light version with a longer wing to meet the Part 103 stall speed of 28 MPH and weight limit of 254 lbs. This is pretty exciting because customers can buy it finished, need no registration, certification, medical, or even license. You would need more documentation to fly a drone or RC than the Merlin Lite!

Merlin Lite with Simoninni 250 engine. Floats coming too!
Merlin Lite instrument panel. All you need and more for under $500 and about 4 ounces.
Expect a selfie video from Paul Bertorelli
The Merlin with prop set for cruise really books along! 120 MPH