Ready-to-Fly: Includes Engine, EFIS, EMS, & Electric Trim.

BRS Included!

The ‘Merlin Lite” is an all-new version of the Merlin and has a longer wing and a lighter airframe to meet the FAA Part 103 ultralight rule.


What is Part 103?

PART 103 is the USA FAA rule that allows ‘ultralight’ aircraft to fly without any certification, registration, pilots’ license or medical. It has a strict empty weight limit of 254 lbs and speed range of 24 to 55 knots. This UL rule has been adapted by many other countries that mirror the FAA regulations including China. Thousands of ultralights are already flying in USA and in China.

The Merlin Lite fits Part 103 perfectly.

The Merlin Lite can be flown as a Part 103 ultralight with virtually no regulations but will require a BRS rescue system to increase the allowable weight. The Merlin Lite may also be registered  in the Experimental class which does not have the weight and speed restrictions of Part 103.

Merlin lite instrument panel sample: Electric trim, full EFIS, Ipad Mini with Foreflight, Tach, master/avionics/strobe switches, fuses.

Price List

Merlin Lite Price ListQuantityUSDTotal
Merlin lite finished with engine, EFIS, EMS, Test Flown1$28,500$28,500
BRS 500 Rescue System$3,500
Merlin Lite Painting$2,000
Container Packing1$500$500
Ocean freight to Dayton, or Lakeland1$2,000$2,000
Florida Sales Tax if Applicable

Coming Soon: Electrolite®️

The Electric-powered Merlin Lite