I have just returned from my 2nd trip to China in the last 2 months. This trip was partially to support my friend Shu Dong Li in a ground-breaking ceremony for a new airpark with a 5-star hotel somewhere nearly to Mongolia.

Ceremonies in China are really an excuse for banquets which are huge round lazy-susan circulating tables piled high with food and surrounded by VIPs drinking liters of rice wine. Tip #1: Keep a bottle of water handy to substitute in your shot glass if you want to live. Tip #2: Do not eat anything they won’t tell you what it is. Fried pig intestine does NOT taste like chicken.
Speeches are much shorter in the desert sun. In record time we were back to the hotel banquet hall for dancing girls and more rice wine.

I then travelled to Shenzhen to visit my motor supplier and my controller supplier. I had a new adjustable-pitch propeller shipped to the motor shop so we could make more testes.

Here is high tech pitch measuring tool. Prop, motor, controller all mounted on test bed on a sliding table connected to a scale to measure thrust.
Sample of motor core windings

We conducted dozens of tests at different prop pitches, volts, and RPMs.

Then I packed everything to a large suitcase and flew to Dayton, Ohio for installation to the Electrolite.
We are nearly ready for flight tests. Now I am back in Florida. Next week if it stops raining I will return to Dayton for final wiring and then laps around the water tower!
Bonus photo: There was a turtle living in the restaurant bathroom. I don’t want to know why.