In case you forgot what I look like here are 4 selfies of the 4 aircraft I flew into the SNF show this week:

First was the Piper Tri-Pacer, made the same year I was. 2nd is a Zenith CH750 Cruizer. Then the Merlin and finally the Zigolo with the long cross country from South Lakeland Airport.

The Tripacer is at the show in the Uavionix booth and is now outfitted with the Sky Beacon ADSB wingtip nav/strobe system. I ferried the CH750 from Alabama to the SNF show for my M-Squared friend.

The other two aircraft are parked in the LSA Mall at the LAMA tent in Paradise City. Monday I will fly them all home before jumping on a red eye flight to the AERO show in Germany.

Come on down and see us!