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This post is dedicated to all my customers that expected to be builders but never really got started due to a handful of missing parts. A better description is most of those parts were not really fully ready to release. So, my bad for shipping aircraft I assumed could be finished and flown quickly. That has been discussed enough. This blog is what is being done about it.

I bought a one-way ticket to Czech. I am not returning without parts packed into the next container, or in my suitcase if they fit. I expect by early January I can get outta the snow and back to Florida to thaw out. Then to Alabama to pack and ship stuff.

Some early examples:

  • The custom wiring harness was a huge challenge. Finally, now it is repaired and working. We have them ready to ship now in Alabama.
  • We are working on a better engine and cowl fit. A simple solution is to glass in tear drop bubbles on the cowl top to provide plenty of clearance for the fuel injectors.
  • We are working on a better fit for the torsion mount, throttle body, and dip stick.
  • Fiberglass parts like the BRS strap covers and rear saddle are done. We will have plenty of tail skids too as they get crushed too often. Same for wing tip strobe fairings.
  • I have a pretty good list of what every single customer still needs including props. All getting sorted. Props will ship to us later this week.
  • Custom CAD cut instrument panels, powder-coated, and laser etched are in stock now in Alabama. With your N number if you provided it.
  • More circuit boards are being fabricated.
  • More engines will be ordered soon although that inventory was never an issue. We have more Merlin’s being built and will need engines for them.
  • The reduction drive as a new back plate with a bearing and a few other items. All in stock.
  • As we complete the BOM for the FF PKG I fill the inventory bins. Most of those items are COTS from USA so easy to get and most parts already got.
  • The FF PKG is changing now a little bit as we make a Vtwin installation to the new Merlin. The firewall has been modified as we no longer need the 582 modifications. So, some components like the rectifier and ECU will change positions slightly but still match the wiring harness.

I know the Van’s saga has made some customers more nervous than they already might have been. But despite all the setbacks I am still here busting butt and credit card limits, so I do not let my customers down.

On the left is a Merlin fuel tank passing the pressure and soapy water test. On the right are the Merlin Lite ultralight wings just now out of the paint shop.

Now, back to work!








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