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Merlin Lite Introduced at the Midwest Expo!

The Merlin Lite has gone public! The first post was by Dan Johnson and has gone viral with nearly 20,000 views in the first 2 days! A record for Dan’s popular site: https://www.bydanjohnson.com/merlin-lite-new-all-metal-fully-enclosed-deluxe-part-103-ultralight/ Here are some questions and answers from a journalist in South Africa: What made you design and produce this little craft? Modern […]

VTwin Guest Blog!!!!

From my esteemed colleague Ben Bosma, our Vtwin partner: For my pilot friends; It’s been awhile since I’ve added an update to my Hybird® project. Not to make excuses, but I’ve been busy with other things. I have a standing rule that no airplane gets built unless you do something every day even if it’s […]

Revolutionary New Part 103 Ultralight

Revolutionary? That’s a bold claim. But I think I can back it up. Here is an excerpt from our forthcoming press release: Dayton, Ohio: Aeromarine is making the bold claim that their new Part 103 ultralight aircraft is truly revolutionary. “This is not your 1980s ultralight’ claims designer Chip W. Erwin. “I know, I was […]

Electric News (Again)

Photo from prototype system 2014 and from July, 2020 I was right 6 years ago when I said electric power would be great in an ultralight. I was wrong to think I could do it myself. Well, I did do it myself, just not good enough to be a commercial product. Rather than repeat a […]

Congrats to Randi: Airworthiness Certificate Issued!

Last Friday the FAA inspected Randi’s Merlin and with zero snags issued the airworthiness certificate. Randi attended our Dayton, Ohio based build center. Engine test was the day prior to the inspection. This is one beautiful Merlin. Perhaps Randi will write us a guest blog as he flys the hours off. Now I have slightly […]

So Much News!

I finally made it back to our Dayton workshop where we are backlogged 5 builds. At lease some of them are pretty far along. One customer will have his Merlin taildragger inspected this Friday. In summary: *One electric-powered Zigolo “Electrolite” is nearly finished. I expect to fly it this trip. *One Merlin taildragger with a […]

Welcome to our new website!

Aeromarine has been busy creating new aircraft and power systems. We are getting close to first flights and going public. Our engineers continue their preparation and as soon as I can travel again, we will be back flying. For my 12 blog readers you will have the first look on our new web site. All […]