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Merlin Lite and Vtwin Update

OK here we go with another blog. I know, ’bout time. But I had to have something to report. I still don’t but will give it a go anyway: Vtwin News: We built a test stand, installed wired, and plumbed the engine, and it fired right up and runs perfect. Stuck a prop on it […]

2022 Prices? Rut Row

I have been worried a bit about how the world events and pending inflation and work shortages and microchip shortages and F/X changes and freight issues would affect the Merlin line of aircraft pricing. After all I am trying to offer quality aircraft at very reasonable prices. The good news is I do NOT plan […]

Vtwin news and more Merlin deliveries

Starting with Vtwin installations: Almost these photos are of the Vtwin being installed on Merlin at Tech Pro Aviation. The firewall forward package is pretty much done! Welding jigs and cowl molds finished. In 2 weeks I will be in Czech controlling and checking this work and inspecting the next 6 Merlins getting ready to […]

Next road trip and other dribble

Today I leave for Dayton. Tomorrow the FAA arrives to inspect and issue the airworthiness certificate for a new Merlin with a 582 installed. Then I will test fly and ship. This one is going to Saudi Arabia. Friday morning the next container arrives with 4 Merlin kits and one set of 1450 amphibious floats. […]

Post Oshkosh Catch-Up

For me Oshkosh #41 is in the books. Little-known fact (keep it that way please) I have had 4 unplanned landings at this show. Might be a record. The show was very good. Plenty of people. Hardly a mask in sight. More than 8,000 aircraft. Pretty good weather. Huge storm was bearing down directly on […]

Pre-Oshkosh Catch-Up

This is a month long trip: First week to Prague and Olomouc, then to Dayton to finish a Merlin and pack for Oshkosh. Then to Oshkosh for the marathon show, then ferry a couple aircraft to Mt Vernon in advance of the Midwest Expo in September, then drive to Florida. And shortly return to Dayton […]

Merlin Lite Long Wing Installed

‘Bout time. But these things take a while. Design, parts fabrication, assembly, fine tuning, shipping, more assembly, installation…. I really love precision matched-hole technology. Rivets mostly just drop into place. The wing spar bolts fit perfectly. Ailerons and flaps connect nearly perfect. I did have to fabricate new flap actuator arms as these huge 3-hinge […]

Merlin Lite Weight

As we progress with the Merlin Lite development we will be collecting data for our ‘self-certification’ documentation. The Part 103 rules are pretty simple. Stall speed, top speed, single-seat, 5 gallons fuel maximum and 278 lbs empty with a rescue chute. Of course we will be conducting a lot more tests than that to be […]

Dayton Trip

This last week was spent in Dayton split between our Phillipsburg Hangar and the AFRL lab. One Merlin build is just a few hours away from completion with the BRS installation basically done and panel mostly wired. We will fabricate some custom composite channels to cover the exposed BRS straps on top of the fuselage. […]