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Big Blog From Prague

OK, a lot to report so I will get right on it and save the dribble for last for those still reading….. This trip to Tech Pro Aviation in Olomouc, Czech Republic, was maybe trip 4 in the last 1-1/2 years or so. I should not have to go over there so often but if […]

Post Oshkosh Report

#42 Oshkosh shows in a row for me. Thats a lot of Oshkosh’s. I have seen a lot. Many companies have come and gone. A lot with big promises and promotions. I am quite sure that there is an inverse relationship between their initial marketing budget and their chance of long-term success. Even Icon with […]

Updates before OSHKOSH

In no particular order: This is how the fuel and cooling plumbing will look. Blue is cooling. Green is high pressure fuel. Red is low pressure fuel return line. All these hoses are custom molded to our 3D shapes and dimensions. Super easy to install. No other fittings besides a handful of clamps. This makes […]

Alabama Build Center on-Line!

Ok so which is hotter? Ohio, Florida or Alabama? 3 pizza ovens come to mind. 10-hour workdays in this heat are truly exhausting. But the builds must go on. Here are your news flashes: Work continues in Ohio on the Vtwin installation. Now the fuel system us getting fine-tuned. Green hoses are high-pressure and red […]

News from around the World

Last week the Merlin Vtwin in our Dayton workshop was nearly finished. The top cowl needed a bigger bubble and will be out of the composites and paint shop by the end of next week. So, I flew back to Florida to take an entire day off (yeah right, means I am answering e-mails, packing […]


Tonight, I fly to Dayton to finish the Vtwin Merlin. My honeydo list is under control so I actually have time to type some random dribble. DEPOD: Our Continuation in Part (CIP) for the DEPOD patent was allowed. This is essentially a second patent which expands on the first patent making it considerably stronger. We […]

Hotter than Florida in the summer!

I thought I would head north to Dayton and get out of the Florida summer heat. That great plan failed miserably! 105-to-115-degree heat index every day this week and working inside the hangar and sometimes inside the Merlin. Pizza oven comes to mind. Tomorrow night I will fly back to Florida to cool off for […]

Progress Report

What? There is progress to report? ‘Bout time! First, we moved our Dayton R&D center to Barnhart Memorial Airport (30HO) on the northeast side of Dayton. It is a crummy old hangar but on a nice paved and grass strip. Perfect for Merlin and Merlin Lite operations. We set up a nice workshop with worktables, […]

Czech Republic Trip Report

It was another epic trip but before I waffle on with irrelevants, I will get straight to business. Everyone wants to know: “When will I get my chit?” So here is what is going on: Many customers have their Merlin kits but no firewall forward package (FF PKG). There are a lot of components involved. […]

Road Trip

I started this road trip 8 days ago, right after the SNF show ended. This is the first day I have not driven 5-12 hours. I took one day off to catch up with e-mails and to write this dribble. Here is why pick-up trucks sell best in USA. I am gonna hafta have one […]