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Road Trip

I started this road trip 8 days ago, right after the SNF show ended. This is the first day I have not driven 5-12 hours. I took one day off to catch up with e-mails and to write this dribble. Here is why pick-up trucks sell best in USA. I am gonna hafta have one […]

Merlin Guest Blog: Ben Bosma

Guest Blog from Engineer Ben Bosma: PANEL Here are the first versions of the new Merlin instrument panel. 90% of the information is presented by the MGL iEFIS. I pasted the iEFIS into this picture. Chip will have an actual one on this panel at Sun N Fun. https://www.mglavionics.co.za/iEFIS.htm The rest is technology we’re developing. […]

Aeromarine’s Innovation Center at Sun n Fun

BE SURE TO VISIT: AEROMARINE’S INNOVATION CENTER BOOTH LP-24 IN PARADISE CITY See emerging aviation technologies in commercial, military, electric, and autonomous aviation vehicles. Aeromarine’s new Deluxe EFIS panel for the Merlin sport aircraft. Twin custom-made proprietary circuit boards and wiring harnesses with a laser-cut panel result in a true ‘plug-and-play’ panel featuring the MGL […]

Back to Dayton

Progress Report The objective of this trip was to finalize the Vtwin firewall forward package, follow up on the panel circuit board, and prepare for the Sun n Fun show. We are still optimizing the fuel system and believe we have the final positions for the pumps and regulator. Once those are mounted, we can […]

Czech Trip Part 2 Plan B

I am halfway over the pond as I write this. Which happens to be a lot farther than the Sun n Fun shipment of aircraft will be in 2 weeks as planned. So, we will NOT have 3 Merlin kits and the new Merlin Lite and the 750 floats at the SNF show. The freight […]

Czech Trip: Part One

Where to start. So much to report. How about in USA? The container shipped in January has finally arrived to our new Mobile, AL build center. There was a customs hold. They might have found our smuggled Czech beer and taken their ‘import duty’ share. The 4 Merlins are now getting prepped for the build […]

Back at it in Ohio

I just returned from a few days of butt freezing in Dayton and have some progress to report: One butt successfully frozen. Took a couple days to clear off the ice from the POS van I use there. Destroyed an ice scrapper then a credit card. Had to open the driver door to see to […]


Here is some big news! Weights of the Vtwin, reduction drive and main components collected. And the numbers are spot on or even below projected!   AEROMARINE VTWIN ITEM WEIGHTS LBS KG VTWIN WITH REDUCTION DRIVE 115.61 52.44 VTWIN WITH RADIATOR, EXHAUST, SOLINOID, REGULATOR, ECU 125.00 56.70 INDIVIDUAL ITEMS FOR MERLIN INSTALLATION LBS KG REDUCTION […]

Plenty of News from the Hangar!

But not all of it is good. Let’s get the negative stuff done so we can get on with the good stuff. IMHO best just to tell it like it is. Shipping of container #3 is delayed until the middle of January. That is so frustrating. It was supposed to ship in November or even […]

Merlin Lite and Vtwin Update

OK here we go with another blog. I know, ’bout time. But I had to have something to report. I still don’t but will give it a go anyway: Vtwin News: We built a test stand, installed wired, and plumbed the engine, and it fired right up and runs perfect. Stuck a prop on it […]