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Some customers claim that I have been slow to deliver. And they would be right. Some claim not only have I been slow but ridiculously and unacceptable slow. They are also right. And the ones that are not claiming that I have been slow are most certainly thinking about it. I am sure at least […]

TrueLite Update

Aviad has set up a new production facility in Spain. Parts are now being made. Here is a short video from Francesco: https://youtu.be/TY7Gi4w5Zho   Not sure if you can read this but Francesco’s work plan is below: Our plan is to have the first kits in USA in February to assemble and fly to and […]

What’s Up Post

A few of my 15 followers have noticed I have not blogged in a while, and they are anxious for news. I have not posted in some time as I am busy making the news to write about. And I usually like to have something significant to write about when I post a new blog. […]

Quick Update

Waiting on the new engine harnesses to arrive. 20 being made up now. Last big item to get. Next time I am in our Alabama build center I plan to box and ship stuff to builders. The interest in a long wing Merlin continues. However, I am not starting any more projects until we get […]

Oshkosh: Year 43 for me and Year 1 for Davi

Here is a Vblog from Oshkosh. Skip to 8:50 to see the Aeromarine display. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuKyTe3dtKk We were missing a few bits and pieces for our booth including the RV that I booked in April that cancelled the day before the show started. Good thing for tents and thanks to M-Squared for allowing squatters on his […]

Bonus History Blog

Back when I had more hair and less sense.   Around 1981 I had a Tomcat ultralight. I made several innovations such as flying on floats. And I believe was the only ultralight with the Cuyuna engine with electric start. Cuyuna was not available with electric start so we made our own. We thought it […]

Too Busy to Blog!

That just means more to talk about when I do get a chance to write. The problem is I hafta drive this trip. A lot. And I don’t get much else done when driving 8+ hours/day. Hard to type and drive…. Worse than texting. Some lady almost hit me while she was texting. I nearly […]


So much to report I don’t know where to start. Randomly: The first Merlin with a Vtwin is now flying in USA! And it flys great! Smooth, fast, and just feels nice. And sounds nice from those reporting on the ground. And the avionics are super.  That is big news, but it gets better. Almost […]

Busy week and another Merlin!

How much content can I get into one post before my enchiladas arrive? I lot I think as I haven’t ordered them yet. Working backwards: I just finished a solid week of building at our Dayton center and now driving a Merlin to Alabama. Only 12-hour trip. Sigh. But we got A LOT done in […]

Dayton Video

I spend all last week and the weekend in Dayton finishing two Merlins. And made a demo flight in the Merlin Lite before handing #1 over to the customer in Illinois. Here is a selfie video: https://youtu.be/m-2jqanbw4U It was a good week, and these two Merlins will be delivered soon. I even managed to get […]