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Busy week and another Merlin!

How much content can I get into one post before my enchiladas arrive? I lot I think as I haven’t ordered them yet. Working backwards: I just finished a solid week of building at our Dayton center and now driving a Merlin to Alabama. Only 12-hour trip. Sigh. But we got A LOT done in […]

Dayton Video

I spend all last week and the weekend in Dayton finishing two Merlins. And made a demo flight in the Merlin Lite before handing #1 over to the customer in Illinois. Here is a selfie video: https://youtu.be/m-2jqanbw4U It was a good week, and these two Merlins will be delivered soon. I even managed to get […]

Dayton Days 4 & 5 Build Center – AVIONICS

Todays’ blog will be photos mostly because I do not want to write 1,000 words. We have been busting butt this week and I think we got a LOT done. I hope you agree. Here we go. The upgraded reduction drive is finished and installed. We have 2 more backing plates water cut and milled […]

Days 2 & 3 Dayton build center

You really were not expecting a blog every day were you #13? Today was special with the delivery of production Merlin Lite #1. We first re-assembled the aircraft after the 15+ hour drive from Tampa. ATIS reported a direct cross wind with gusts to 19 knots. Those are conditions that ground most ultralights. Or at […]


I am too busy to write this blog, but I am up to 15 followers now and they deserve to be informed. So here we go: First, I made a short flight with the Merlin Lite on floats. That was fun. And the FAA recently approved my application to designate Mango Lake as a private […]

Brief update from the Florida Hangar

https://youtu.be/StOYdAJ5AIc Merlin Lite video for your viewing pleasure. You can see a series of stalls and proof of the excellent 16-1 or better glide ratio. Plus 600 FPM climb on 38 hp. The Merlin Lite is one exceptional aircraft! Been super busy trying to get so many aircraft finished. Just back from a long road […]


Apparently, the chump next to me on the flight from Frankfurt to USA had covid. I thought that was over. To recap: November to March I spent in CZ and UK getting the Vtwin installation fine-tuned and flown and flying the new Merlin Lite. Then back to FL for a week of show prep and […]

Sun N Fun Wrap Up and What’s Next

For those of you who missed SNF 2023 here are some photos. We introduced the production version of the Merlin Lite and a new Merlin Lite on our 750 floats. An ultralight motor-glider floatplane all in one! This airplane is very impressive. I will be flying it off the water soon. That will be a […]

Sun n Fun Preview

As my 13 follows know, I have been in the Czech Republic for 3-1/2 months in what started as a 2-week trip last November. Finally, I am back in the New World. But just prior to leaving Prague my wife and daughter showed up. My son is already living in in Prague attending one of […]