So much to report I don’t know where to start. Randomly:

The first Merlin with a Vtwin is now flying in USA! And it flys great! Smooth, fast, and just feels nice. And sounds nice from those reporting on the ground. And the avionics are super.  That is big news, but it gets better.

Almost the entire week was devoted to getting the St. Elmo. Alabama build center set up. What this really means is a lot of effort went into inventory management. The Vtwin installation has been a moving target. Don’t need to tell you it took a while. But now we have a product we can deliver! And to do that well means getting the assembly steps and details documented and then setting up the inventory and populating the shelves and bins. This was accomplished to a very large degree this week and means: 1) Builders will finally get their chit, and 2): The build program starts in earnest!

I prepared a step-by-step assembly process including the detailed BOM then matched the inventory bins to the steps and parts list. We need to do another build to get the part numbers perfect then I will share this document on the builder’s page.

You can see from the photos that these are not bare shelves either. Probably over $100k in inventory not including the aircraft kits. Engines, redrives, engine mounts, exhaust systems, cooling systems, props, cowls, strobes and other options and several complete deluxe panel avionics!

Now that we have a proper BOM nearly finished I can fill in the blanks to bring inventory levels to 100%. Then finally ship the parts builders have so patentially waited for. Very soon too!

Check out the build center and a cockpit flying selfie video:


Plus, both the engine wiring harness and the avionics wiring harness designs are finished and out for production.

The next Merlin is already in the build center. Next week I will be in Dayton to finish and deliver the last Merlin from Dayton. Then back to Alabama to work with Paul and crew on new builds.

Even more news: A Merlin was delivered to Brian from Texas. Or more accurately, he came and picked it up. He booked a flight to Mobile and rented a 20-foot U Haul box truck, drove it to Lowes and Harbor Freight and collected ratch straps, shipping blankets, and 2x4s and even some tools, I guess for his upcoming build. This plan means only driving one-way plus, the Merlin is protected inside the truck. Pretty good plan.

Say hi to Brian! I am sure he will post photos from his upcoming build on our Aeromarine Facebook page.

Now the really big news!

I found a case of Czech beer in one of the Merlins from the last container that was somehow overlooked!

Woohoo, a cold Czech beer after a very productive week.