Alabama Build Center on-Line!

Ok so which is hotter? Ohio, Florida or Alabama? 3 pizza ovens come to mind. 10-hour workdays in this heat are truly exhausting. But the builds must go on. Here are your news flashes:

Work continues in Ohio on the Vtwin installation. Now the fuel system us getting fine-tuned. Green hoses are high-pressure and red hoses are the return lines. We are just getting the proper pressure regulator sorted. We will display this installation you see above at Oshkosh. I think it is exceptional and worth a look.  So much of aviation is still stuck in the past.

I have two main objectives for this first work trip to M2. Wait, we need a name for this new build center. I am open for suggestions. Pizza oven is already taken.

  1. Build a proper Vtwin FF pkg inventory. This was accomplished. Now we have a section for the redrive BOM, and the entire FF PKG BOM sorted by sections.

2 shelves cover the FF PKG BOM. One shelf is for extra hardware and supplies. 4th shelf is for queuing up components for the customer builds. Each build gets a dedicated shelf. And we have a lot of inventory. Overflowing with reduction drives and radiator kits. Plus 3 builds have all the avionics stacked up. Plenty of strobes too. We are mitigating the supply chain shortage by ordering everything as soon as an order is confirmed so we are good with most everything. Except we could use a lot more airframes……

2. We do have a build in progress. And it is going very well. As we complete all our technology and protocols, we expect these builds to go very quickly, and it is showing already. In only 2 days we:

  • Installed the engine and mounted the reduction drive and some accessories.
  • Installed the wings and tail.
  • Got a good start on the BRS installation and loaded the rocket fuel.

Yes, there remains a long list of work to do but it is not complicated, and we will get er done. But tomorrow I need to return to Florida to get out of the heat. I will leave many tasks in Paul’s capable hands while I go prepare for Oshkosh.