Dayton Video

I spend all last week and the weekend in Dayton finishing two Merlins.

And made a demo flight in the Merlin Lite before handing #1 over to the customer in Illinois.

Here is a selfie video:

It was a good week, and these two Merlins will be delivered soon.

I even managed to get the graphics installed. New look for this year. I can provide these stripes in any color.

I worked alongside Builder Don for the avionics. He fine-tuned the engine wiring harness. The supplier has already laidd out the final engine harness version and will build some for us ASAP.

I also upgraded both reduction drives to the new back plate with the second bearing. I found a much easier way to get the belt onto the pulleys. Do it before sliding onto the back plate. Works great!

Here is what a blown fuse looks like. Red LED lights up so you know which fuse blew.

Also, I have the files from MGL to upload the screens custom for the Merlin and Vtwin. Screen is now perfect with the info we need.

I think the video covers everything, at least when my fat finger is not covering the mic.

Monday morning, I fly back to Dayton to finish these two Merlins!!!!!

Next stop will be Alabama to get more Merlins built. Finally, some serious progress and tangible results for all the months of R&D.