Electric News (Again)

Photo from prototype system 2014 and from July, 2020

I was right 6 years ago when I said electric power would be great in an ultralight. I was wrong to think I could do it myself. Well, I did do it myself, just not good enough to be a commercial product.

Rather than repeat a lot of what I wrote years ago here I will repeat it on my web site instead. Just updated of course. Not too surprising I didn’t have to change much. I knew then that viable electric power was dependent on battery energy density which was only improving 5-7% per year. That also proved true.

Now I am finally using a system from a supplier I have known for years and with excellent results. You can see our teaser video here: https://youtu.be/CXYo2CfdPb4

We are now offering this ‘plug & fly’ system to our Zigolo customer base and, if we have enough orders, to a new group of Zigolo builders/flyers. I will have a new Zigolo page up today. And here is my retro electric page:   https://www.aeromarine-lsa.com/electric/#top

It costs more than my unrealistic target but IMHO absolutely worth it. Finally, fly low, slow, quiet, and safe.