New Merlin Lite Flys!

Another ’bout time comment coming. I have been in the Czech Republic over a month now getting important stuff done. First priority was flying the Vtwin-power Merlin which was a big success. I have 3 hours of video to edit for an upcoming YouTube on that effort. Next was to finish and fly the Merlin Lite. I had the engine and panel wired in under 1/2 a day.

It is such a simple yet complex panel. This ultralight has a GPS-equipped EFIS with a dozen parameters, fuel gauges, electric trim, engine monitor, and Polini engine control box all nicely mounted in-dash for a clean look and a huge space for your iPad or moving map or phone and nav software of your choice. Under the panel is a 12v USB phone charge plug and the two fuel tank valves. The panel hinges on the bottom for full and simple access.

That large NACA vent is the cooling air inlet. We have plenty of room behind the small Polini 303DS engine, so the radiator found a home there and it is quite effective. Temperatures were at the bottom end of the specs so I will install a thermostat to raise them up a bit. I am confident that there will be more than adequate cooling in Florida summers, even on floats.

One more detail photo. How many ultralights have this kind of cargo space and the ability to carry a load?

Here you can see the ground-adjustable carbon prop. We will add a spinner. Note that the Polini has a clutch which makes starting and idling really nice. Prop just barely spins, if at all, at idle.

Now that’s some wingspan! This aircraft will be excellent with electric power, and we have already begun the design. For your viewing pleasure:

And here is a short video from my phone.


I didn’t realize that it was so quiet that I could record my voice or maybe I would have kept up more narrative.

Here is one beautiful wing!

And some artwork from the Hangar Bar in Prague. Kinda seemed like the right place to be after a good day of flying!

Now both aircraft are back in the shop getting finished and fine-tuned. I will remain in Prague for a while longer to wrap up this work and finish the documentation and parts needed for our build programs. Meanwhile, another container of Merlins arrives to M-Squared this week and we need to be ready to get builds done!


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