Road Trip

I started this road trip 8 days ago, right after the SNF show ended. This is the first day I have not driven 5-12 hours. I took one day off to catch up with e-mails and to write this dribble.

Here is why pick-up trucks sell best in USA. I am gonna hafta have one some day.

I still am old school and pull a trailer. Here I am all packed to drive up north. And before that, our SNF booth. Here is a link to the video we ran off a battery pack:

The panel image is here to show the color and laser-etching we will be using for our new deluxe MGL panels. Our deluxe panels are going to be very nice with those custom circuit boards and new fuel management system. Those who may not have ordered this panel might want to get their order in soon because that is one line item going up in price. Not because of inflation but because we are providing so much value and it is underpriced and we added a lot more than originally planned.

Thanks very much to my new best friends that helped me manage the SNF booth. Graham, Bob, Art, Brian, and even Jay. And to the current and new customers that stopped by of course.

First stop was in North Carolina to pick up some chutes and rockets from BRS. I now see why they consolidated to NC. Their facility is huge and looks very well-organized.

Next stop was in New Hampshire to deliver the Merlin QBK to new builder Partrick. He has a perfect hangar with a loft and office. Aeromarine needs a hangar like his!

Next stop was Canton, Ohio. Photo above is the same Amada punch press I had in the Czech Republic. It is top of the line and perfect for us. Why? Planning ahead. If freight costs keep rising, we will want to make some Merlin and Merlin Lite parts in the USA. Now we can. Also note that Russia has a history of invading the Czech Republic…. Better to be prepared.

Then on to Dayton. Spent a couple days moving our hangar to a better facility on a nearby airport north of Dayton. We will be happy there and it will be a great place for Merlin builders/flyers to visit.

Then on to Wisconsin. April 18th and it is still snowing. Ice was still on the pond. WI didn’t get the global warming memo… In WI I visited builder Ryan and handed over his Vtwin and MGL panel. I am still in WI and will be heading to Dayton next to finish the hangar move.  Then to Georgia to deliver another Vtwin and panel. Then to Mobile, AL to set up our newest build center with Paul Mathers at M-Squared. Then finally the last leg back to home base in Florida to test my water-skiing skills again….

Builder Bob will be happy to see his Merlin about ready to ship. This one looks great!





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