So Much News!

I finally made it back to our Dayton workshop where we are backlogged 5 builds. At lease some of them are pretty far along. One customer will have his Merlin taildragger inspected this Friday.

In summary:

*One electric-powered Zigolo “Electrolite” is nearly finished. I expect to fly it this trip.

*One Merlin taildragger with a HKS will get its’ wings tomorrow.

*One Merlin Lite prototype getting controls installed.

*One Merlin with HKS is nearly finished by builder Don.

*One Merlin with 582 is progressing as engine just arrived.

Over-stuffed hangar

Let’s start with the Electrolite. A lot of people have been waiting a long time for some news. Finally I have a professional power system. Installation will be only a couple days. Just as soon as I have room I will put the wings on and fly. Expecting 30 minutes. This will be fun.

On to the Merlin Lite. We will have a few versions of this aircraft. Long wing for Part 103 and to double as a motor-glider. Short wing for faster ultralight for those that register as an E-AB. Polini 250DS engine. And likely electric power after we test our system on the Electrolite.

With all that is going on in the world today it is refreshing to get back to work and to offer affordable aircraft that are truly fun and exciting to fly and actually have some viability as personal transport at 120 mph, or as clean, quiet electric flight.

This will be a big year for Aeromarine as we finally complete some new designs. Next blog will have more news on the VTwin, if flying the Electrolite don’t dominate our headlines.

CWE, Dayton, Ohio.