2022 Prices? Rut Row

I have been worried a bit about how the world events and pending inflation and work shortages and microchip shortages and F/X changes and freight issues would affect the Merlin line of aircraft pricing. After all I am trying to offer quality aircraft at very reasonable prices.

The good news is I do NOT plan to raise the Merlin or Merlin Lite base prices. Apparently these issues are worldwide so there have not been huge F/X or other swings. The EU government is spending more money than they have just like in USA.

However there are some fine tuning on options and accessories. Strobe lights, upholstery, and the BRS systems have some small price adjustments. At least we will now include a couple fiberglass wingtip fairings with each strobe set and nice custom BRS composite shroud covers.

Other cost considerations like labor and avionics have not yet materialized in increased prices, just longer lead times. But we are getting aircraft and avionics and reduction drives and props and Vtwin engine. All is good. Not great but good.

But freight has to have a more significant adjustment as the costs of shipping containers of aircraft has tripled. At some point the higher cost of USA-based labor is offset by the higher freight costs. In anticipation of this I am planning to move assembly of the Merlin Lite and the  Electrolite to USA in the middle of 2022. But first we have to get production sorted and first deliveries out the door. And it does look like the Electrolite price, which has not yet been set, will be higher than I hoped. But that directly relates to the higher quality components we have selected which will translate into improved performance, endurance, and safety.

There is some real news: The electric system has been bench-tested with our 2-blade carbon prop with excellent results and meeting our expectations. This week we are testing the 3-blade carbon prop. Next blog I hope to post some of these tests and results.

For your viewing pleasure (and lack of anything else to post) here is a sneak peak at the Lake Mango seaplane base. Windsock has arrived and will be installed after this next Dayton trip.




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  1. Michael+Orr
    Michael+Orr says:

    We all know that the increase in cost must be passed on to the consumers, quite is key. Your product is excellent over all of the rest of your competitors by fare. Thanks for keeping me informed. Michael Orr

  2. Gary Born
    Gary Born says:

    Good on you Chip, creating more manufacturing jobs in the future. This will be a trend as gas prices hit 6 & 7 bucks a gallon. Let’s go Brandon!

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