Merlin Lite and Vtwin Update

OK here we go with another blog. I know, ’bout time. But I had to have something to report. I still don’t but will give it a go anyway:

Vtwin News: We built a test stand, installed wired, and plumbed the engine, and it fired right up and runs perfect. Stuck a prop on it with same results. Just as we expected. Now we can breath again. I have 20 engines and 20 reduction drives in stock and will start pairing them up and shipping them off soon. This link shows our Vtwin high pressure fuel system with return to feed the fuel injection system.

And this link shows our first run with a prop attached:

We have two Merlin firewall forward packages shipping by air to us soon and we have two Merlins waiting for Vtwin installations in our hangars. Plus some Merlin builders ready for engines now as well. 5 containers of Merlins sold so far in 2021. That means plenty of engines needed. And plenty of engines and reduction drives in stock too. Plus we are now the 2nd biggest customer of MGL with all the new panels sold.

Last week was vendor-bonding at the Deland airshow. This Merlin Lite prototype has the now patented DEPOD installed in the wings. That got some attention at the show. Our DEPOD not only cuts take-off and landing distances by more than 50% but it also has active envelope protection. That means a loss of primary engine power on take off is a non-event as the aircraft can still climb on DEPOD power and circle back to make a normal landing. Furthermore, the DEPOD eliminates the base-to-final spin, or all other spins for that matter as the computer automatically spins up one motor when needed to keep the ball always centered.

Now the Merlin Lite is back at the South Lakeland hangar and reassembled ready for more fun and informative flights. Expect some new videos!

In production news the first two Merlin Lites are nearly finished and we will begin with both Polini and electric-power installations in early December.

Above you can see finished wings, tails, flaps, and ailerons. The rear and forward fuselage assembles are mostly done as well and will be joined soon. Once we have the airframe assembled we will conduct a W&B exercise to determine the engine and motor positions and then can design and fabricate the mounts.

Watch this space!






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