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I usually don’t write blogs when there is little to report. But one of my 13 followers thought covid did me in. Not just yet. And here is proof: A rambling blog.

Last trip to Dayton was 5 days of snow and cold with no flying. Day 6 was sunny and clear but hangar door was frozen shut.

Good thing we have our Florida center. Except for the last 2 weeks of crap weather here too. Maybe this weekend I can get the Merlin Lite back in the air. The new engine monitor arrived and proves the one installed has a faulty temperature reader.

Replacement gauge is below and shows correct information tested for both CHT and water temperature.

In even more boring news we have molded a pick up for the new Whelen Blaze LED wingtip position lights with strobes.

Next 4 Merlin quick build kits arrive to our Dayton build center 1st week of April. Just a few days before I need to be in Florida for the Sun n Fun show.

The 1st Merlin Lite long wing will be in this container. I will bring it to our SNF booth. I doubt I will have enough time to flight test it prior to the show and I prefer not to conduct flight tests at shows. Not a good practice. So expect to see the Merlin Lite prototype in the booth with the long wing on display.

Sneak Peek



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  1. Doug Stone
    Doug Stone says:

    Chip- I’m sure there are a lot more than 13 folks patiently awaiting results from the Merlin Lite long wing flight testing. FWIW I’ve cobbled together a crude X-plane model of the tricycle Merlin Lite with the long wing, and that is one sweet flyer. I see why you might be considering electric power for that plane. The low speed cruise power requirements are extremely low. Keep up the good work!

      • Doug Stone
        Doug Stone says:

        Art – Like I said, this is a pretty crude X-Plane model. What it shows for a 550 pound aircraft weight, in level flight, 2000 ft MSL, 55KTAS, 18 pounds of thrust, 3.8 HP. There is always the probability that the drag of the fuselage and landing gear and interference drag is under estimated, but even so, it appears Chip has a pretty efficient wing.

  2. Kenneth Desforges
    Kenneth Desforges says:

    Just glad you continue to improve…NOW get Busy and let’s see that HyBird in the Merlin…

    Be well…stay well…

    Best regards!!!

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