Quick update

Here is your periodic news brief:

Another 4 Merlins are in a container and on a ship to USA currently. Plus the new Merlin Lite long wing is finished and shipped in this container. There is a slight chance I can get a wing from Dayton down to the Sun n Fun show starting April 13th if the container is not delayed more than it has already. Work is far along on another container of 4 Merlins expected to ship next month.

The series of cold fronts with rain and winds are diminishing. I managed to squeeze in a dawn patrol flight very early last week. The video is edited as I did not actually do any real flight testing. I just wanted to get back in the air.


The Merlin Lite tricycle gear model design is now finished. Parts are in production and assembly of the first batch of new Merlin Lites with the long wing, tricycle gear, and Polini 303 engine with cowl will be in assembly soon.

Once production and deliveries are sorted I can turn my attention to the electric-powered Merlin Lite and also the 750 floats which will match up perfectly. Lots going on and 2021 looks to be a really great year for the Merlin line of aircraft.