More Barely Significant News

Today I flew the Merlin Lite. Finally better weather, kind of. MVFR with 1,300 foot ceilings. Perfect for an ultralight to make a few laps around the pattern so that’s what I did. My taildragger skills (or lack of) can always use the practice. I noted the climb was around 500 FPM. Cruise was about 65 mph at 6,500 RPM. The real test was the cooling. I remounted the radiator lower and more directly into the airflow with excellent results and temperatures at the bottom of the operating range for the Polini.

The flaps at 40 degrees were very effective. And I managed not to ball it up on the landings. All good. Tomorrow I expect better weather and will make some video. But not to leave you hanging there is a new video posted on the Experimental Aircraft Channel. Apologies in advance as it was my worst interview. I just don’t have all the data yet so I cannot state facts, just expectations. I cringe to share this but you will probably find it anyway as my other reader would share. Over 10k views already! My other reader must have watched it over and over….

Now I am even more motivated to collect the data. The new wing is shipped and arrives the week before SNF. I do not think I will manage to get it to the display. I will be in Dayton to unload the container and at least will bring photos.

Read Merlin Lite March 2021 SportFlying story here.

VTwin News:

The first trike pusher installation is moving forward quickly. This trike will make the trip from Ohio to SNF for display in our booth. Plus we will bring another Vtwin with our custom carbon prop for display.

Our first batch of reduction drives has shipped from India this week. We will have these mounted and on display at the show as well.

And last but should be first is builder Randi is back in the air with his Merlin taildragger. We upgraded his muffler to the new style we will use on the Vtwin. He seeing 100 mph indicated at only 5,300 RPM on his HKS.

Watch this space for move video links soon. I have to prepare for my first Merlin Lite cross country flight to the Sun n Fun show.