COVID Kai Kicks Aeromarine’s Ass

Not your usual post but 20 days of fighting the Kung Flu is not normal either. I am healthy athletic, and with no underlying conditions yet Covid sent me to the ER. A solid 2 weeks of misery and now just recovering. I will spare you the details.

Let’s talk wings instead!

In the world of light aviation and especially in ultralight aircraft I doubt there has ever been a more sophisticated and beautiful wing as the new long wing for the Merlin Lite. This wing design was made on 3D Catia software. Just to convert to the above Solidworks image took nearly an hour of fast processing time.

Hundreds of unique parts re required as the wing is tapered in 3 dimensions. Flaps and ailerons of course are tapered to match perfectly.

The parts are now complete and the wing is in final assembly. Just to note: Each part has every singe rivet hole punched to final size and that is before the part is formed. It is quite incredible to have hundreds of parts designed, fabricated, and fitted up all near perfection. This is science but the result is this wing is truly a work of art and will be beautiful to see.

Plus of course the huge 3-axis Fowler flap will bring the stall speed down to Part 103 limits yet when retracted result in a very clean and high-aspect ratio wing providing efficient flight.

Now I am recovering I will be back in the Dayton workshop next weekend. And I already booked my ticket to the Czech Republic for January to inspect the next 4 Merlins about ready to ship now. Slots are already filling in the container after that planned for February.

And in VTwin news we have a batch of engines shipping in 2 weeks. First installers getting ready.



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  1. Don Paulino
    Don Paulino says:

    Hello Chip,

    It was shocking to hear about your bout with Covid.

    Get well soon.

    We should talk more, when you get a chance.

    #11….or #12

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