No News?

I know, been quiet. And my 10 readers are expecting some test flight news too. I sat in Ohio for a week waiting for flying weather that never arrived. Then I remembered I live in Florida. So I packed up the merlin Lite and shipped it to Lakeland.

But that also required a complete reorganization and cleaning of our Florida build center. So when the Merlin finally arrived so did Eta.

Sat around Florida trying to guess the ETA of Eta.

Now the weather is finally improving. I need to sort a temperature sender fault then i will be good to go.

So this was my most useless post ever. But I guess I am not the only one locked down for various reasons. Meanwhile our YouTube videos have really gone viral. I guess that’s what happens when travel is restricted. I need to get the the Czech Republic to inspect the next container of Merlins soon. Sigh.

22k and 35k views as a LOT in this industry. And my phone and e-mail traffic has tripled. Huge interest in the Merlin Lite has also generated more interest in the 120mph Merlin.

It also raises a lot of questions on the difference between the two aircraft and the rules they fly under. Think I will get another cup of java and write that addendum for the web page