Apparently, the chump next to me on the flight from Frankfurt to USA had covid. I thought that was over. To recap:

November to March I spent in CZ and UK getting the Vtwin installation fine-tuned and flown and flying the new Merlin Lite.

Then back to FL for a week of show prep and a week of SNF.

Then back to UK for more flight trials, then CZ, then AERO show in Germany. Then back to USA.

Then a week in bed sucking air with covid.

This Monday I felt better so drove 10 hours to NC to collect some wings and the trailer to return to FL.

Today back in the hangar for more work on the Merlin Lites. Some test flights plus getting the Merlin Lite on floats ready for sea trials on Lake Mango!

After that I will trailer a Merlin Lite to Dayton for delivery. And finish the 2 Merlins in the Dayton build program.

Then hopefully deliver one or both of those Merlins and then drive to AL to begin serious work on the Merlins in the build program there. Plus organize the parts and ship the Merlin builders have been waiting for.

Then back to FL to prepare the Merlin demo and the Merlin Lite for delivery.

And likely back to UK for more flight trials.

I have plenty of new video to edit and post whenever i can find the time.

I need to clone myself. Scary thought.


Here is a Merlin II demo I have available. Nice plane.