Brief update from the Florida Hangar

Merlin Lite video for your viewing pleasure. You can see a series of stalls and proof of the excellent 16-1 or better glide ratio. Plus 600 FPM climb on 38 hp. The Merlin Lite is one exceptional aircraft!

Been super busy trying to get so many aircraft finished. Just back from a long road trip to NC. Finished flight tests of the Merlin Lite and getting it packed for this weekend trip to Dayton. Planning to finish 2 builds in Dayton next week.

Here are some new reduction drive blanks. And what it looks like with the new bearing installed. Not sure this is necessary, but we think that the asymmetrical load on the main crankshaft bearing from the belt drive tension is not what it was designed for. This upgrade, which we will make available to every Merlin/Vtwin builder, will eliminate that load 100%.

This week is float week. The Merlin Lite on floats at SNF is now ready for the pond.

Tuff load onto the trailer. Made it 25 miles to Mango Lake Seaplane Base (my backyard).

Nothing sketchy about this. Launch like a boat. Kinda. Builder Art was a great help as usual.

Get a tow from my neighbor.

Put it on my boat lift. Prepare for wing installation.

But first a birthday dinner for my lovely wife. Lilly and her boyfriend attended and brought gifts and balloons. Did I mention she got straight A’s her first year at USF in medical sciences?

Dawn patrol without the patrol. I know what’s wrong! She ain’t got no gas!

Early start this morning. Drinking coffee waiting for the sun to break the horizon to get to work. Visit from an Ibis on the dock checking out his ‘mother’.

All ready for taxi tests and first flights! Breaking in the Polini 303DS engine.

You will just hafta wait for the next post for the really cool stuff.





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