I am too busy to write this blog, but I am up to 15 followers now and they deserve to be informed. So here we go:

First, I made a short flight with the Merlin Lite on floats. That was fun. And the FAA recently approved my application to designate Mango Lake as a private seaplane base. Just in time too. Take that HOAs.

Float geometry is off about 1.5 degrees and CG by 2 inches. But no time to sort this. I need to get Merlin and Merlin Lites delivered ASAP!

Merlin Lite packed and ready to head north to Dayton.

15.5 hours later arrived at our Dayton assembly hangar. Note the Merlin on floats in the background.

We have 4 Merlins in Dayton with 2 in our build center currently. They are nearly finished. Our plan is to get them done this week. Builder/Avionics expert Don flew up from NC to help.

Here are two Merlins we are working on. Don is working on the avionics, and I am sorting the reduction drive and fuel system upgrades. And about a dozen other tasks like prop setting, cowl installation, and other stuff. We are making new reduction drive plates to incorporate a bearing.

I will try to post a daily update but no guarantees there. Pushing hard. Customers waiting too long.

Here is the avionics tray we fabricate to hold all the remote components behind the panel. You can see this being laser cut in the last blog.

that’s it for now. Off to the hangar and back to work.