Czech Trip: Part One

Where to start. So much to report. How about in USA? The container shipped in January has finally arrived to our new Mobile, AL build center. There was a customs hold. They might have found our smuggled Czech beer and taken their ‘import duty’ share. The 4 Merlins are now getting prepped for the build program or direct delivery.

More news from USA: The design of our custom circuit boards to run our deluxe panel is done and we have 25 sets of circuit boards in fabrication now.

In the center of our panel will be the 8-1/2 MGL EFIS. On the left side will be mounted one circuit board with the switches and fuses for the Vtwin operation and aircraft systems. Above each switch will be a blade fuse for that circuit. Above the blade fuse will be a LED which will light only when that fuse is blown. That way you do not need to search for the blown fuse.

On the right side of the panel will be circuit board number 2 which will control the fuel system. We have an electric actuator to change both the flow and return of fuel from the left to the right side. And we have two independent fuel pumps so you have redundancy in this critical system.

Most of this circuit board is behind the panel. What you will have in front for example on the fuel board pictured on the right, will be the two fuel pumps with a green LED when the pump is on and the fuel tank selector toggle which is oriented horizontally. This circuit board also converts the engine RPM signal for the EMS on the MGL EFIS.

The panel will be laser-cut for these circuit boards and the EFIS then powder-coated. Installation will be hinged on the bottom for easy access. Assembly time should be under an hour.


Finally, we have our embroidery back and can make up the temperfoam seat kits. I think they will look great. Samples above do not have the foam sewn in yet.

My main mission for this trip is to get the next container shipped to get to the SNF show on time. Even we book a ship that works there is still no guarantee as the shipping industry is really screwed up now.

My perfect plan for SNF is to create an ‘AEROMARINE INNOVATION CENTER’ and show:

  • A couple of new Merlins before the build program or customer delivery
  • The new Merlin Lite tricycle with the Polini 303DS installed including the cowl
  • 2 sets of 750 floats built for Part 103
  • Vtwin engines and reduction drives and props
  • Images of the Electrolite (Electric-powered Merlin Lite)
  • Merlin Lite prototype with the patented DEPOD invention installed

I don’t have a very good back up plan if the container is late. Sigh.

Now on to the Czech visit part.

All the times I have visited Olomouc I never actually looked at the city. It is very impressive.

Here are some images from the Czech workshop:

New BRS 500 installation system for the Merlin Lites. The chute can be installed from the top then the blow-out aluminum panel can be fixed in place.

Here is a similar BRS installation for the Merlin. The bracket is now designed to match the BRS exactly. You can also see the rocket bracket.


You may recall the process we use for custom painting schemes. We take your crayon sketch and CAD it like above. Once approved then we CNC-cut painting templates and prep the airframe.

Before we even assemble your Merlin the parts are run through this cleaning machine. They come out polished and oil-free. Interior parts are then all epoxy-primed.

Here are images of the first base coats and colors being applied. By the end of the week it will look like the image above. You can see that the emblem and the rudder already are finalized. I trust you will all come to the SNF to see this beautiful Merlin in person just as I trust it will arrive in time.

For those of you waiting for Vtwin firewall forward parts they are being made in quantity now.

Here are some welding jigs and welded parts. Cowls are in production as well. And the details of the systems work moves ahead on both continents.

2 sets of Merlin Lite 750 floats finished!!!! 33 lbs each with paint!!!

And here is an image of my jet lag cure:

Watch this space for Part 2.






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  1. Brian Williams
    Brian Williams says:

    Chip Great Post! Your passion and drive for the Merlin line of aircraft is impressive! We all notice and eagerly await each new development. Soon the U.S. market will buy all the Merlin and Merlin Lites you can produce. Great Job! See you and the Merlin line up at Sun and Fun. Brian

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