Oshkosh: Year 43 for me and Year 1 for Davi

Here is a Vblog from Oshkosh. Skip to 8:50 to see the Aeromarine display.


We were missing a few bits and pieces for our booth including the RV that I booked in April that cancelled the day before the show started. Good thing for tents and thanks to M-Squared for allowing squatters on his site. And also, for Paul Squared for taking Davi on his first Oshkosh flight in the M-Squared demo aircraft.

This was my 43rd Oshkosh and Davi’s 1st.

Showed him where the best coffee and snacks are….

This perfect Grumman Albatross happened to be anchored off the dock on Lake Winnebago. Davi scored a tour.

Today is the last day and I am hitting the road early tomorrow to get back to work:

Stop 1: Visit the first Merlin Lite in Illinois.

Stop 2: Dayton to finish a Merlin build there and to complete and submit a proposal to the Navy for the amphibious hyper-STOL aircraft.

Stop 3: Working my way south to Georgia to fly the Merlin with the Vtwin with a customer.

Stop 4: Pee and coffee break.

Stop 5: Mobile, AL to work with Paul on the next Merlin build and to prepare shipments to customers waiting forever for their firewall forward parts. More inventory has arrived so the shelves will be mostly stocked.

New reduction drive backplates are being anodized and will ship soon. Bearings in stock.

The first two avionics wiring harness are in hand and will be installed when I arrive.

The Vtwin engine wiring harness has been reworked and shipped to China. They have it now and are making up 20 sets.

Finish and post the FF PKG packing list and assembly manual. BTW, I plan to rework the builders’ page soon and upload all the current documents and manuals for easy access.

Prepare for the next shipment of Merlin kits.

Fly the demo Merlin (STILL FOR SALE!) and the Merlin Lite.

Stop 6: FLORIDA. Finally, home for a week or so.

Next trip later in August takes me around the world, again:

  • Philippines to complete a Merlin build.
  • Myanmar to meet an aviation business associate.
  • India to install floats to a CH701 and do some splash and goes.
  •  Czech Republic to inspect and approve the next 8 Merlin kits nearly finished plus a container of Merlins going to New Zealand. And to jump start Merlin Lite production. Plus move the Electrolite project forward.

I could not make it through the Oshkosh marathon without the support of my friends and builders. Thanks again to Art, Graham, Brian, Davi, Frank and M-Squared for all their critical help to make the show a success for Aeromarine!