Quick Update

Waiting on the new engine harnesses to arrive. 20 being made up now. Last big item to get. Next time I am in our Alabama build center I plan to box and ship stuff to builders.

The interest in a long wing Merlin continues. However, I am not starting any more projects until we get the Merlin and Merlin Lite orders filled.

But just for a tease:

I sketched these images out some time ago. Maybe it is a good idea? Electrolite first. then maybe Merlin and Merlin Lite folding wings.

The new redrive backplates are finished and in stock. Nicely anodized too.

Merlin Lite #2 is flying in Alabama. It will be N-numbered as a motor-glider.

Here is another irritating sideways video for you. From my phone. And too short to bother editing.

I did try a dead stick landing. Was really strange because after I shut the engine off and the tach read 000 the prop was still really spinning. The clutch is interesting.

Finally, home after a month of driving. Finished a proposal for the Hyper-STOL amphib for the Navy and the parallel hybrid system for NASA.

Dat’s it for now.