Sun n Fun Preview

As my 13 follows know, I have been in the Czech Republic for 3-1/2 months in what started as a 2-week trip last November. Finally, I am back in the New World. But just prior to leaving Prague my wife and daughter showed up. My son is already living in in Prague attending one of Europe’s best technical universities. So, for the first time in 10+ years, our family is together in a mini reunion (1 day before I flew out to UK) in the city the kids were born in.

But I had to fly to UK to deliver a Merlin the next day. Then I rushed to Florida to meet and unload the container I had helped pack a month earlier.

A big THANKS to Merlin Lite customer Art. We both totally exhausted ourselves unloading 3 finished aircraft in 5 hours. Now the work is focused on getting these aircraft assembled and flown for the upcoming SNF show.

More aircraft than I can fit!

First look at the Merlin Lite 100% finished including the new spinner!

And the Merlin Lite panel. Remote choke is bottom left. Then 12v USB power supply. Above left is trim and avionics master then EFIS. Then an iPad on Velcro. Bottom center are fuel valves. Right side is engine EMS and engine control. Not in the photo is the throttle and brake on bottom left and flaps upper left. Not your 80’s ultralight!

Next work is flying the green/cream Merlin with the HKS. Then preparing the Merlin Lite on floats for the show. But I could not wait, I had to take a quick hop in the Merlin Lite:

Hope to see all my friends at SNF next week! And of course I did NOT smuggle any Czech beer in the container. At least I was not there, I didn’t do it, and nobody saw me…..