Sun N Fun Wrap Up and What’s Next

For those of you who missed SNF 2023 here are some photos.

We introduced the production version of the Merlin Lite and a new Merlin Lite on our 750 floats. An ultralight motor-glider floatplane all in one! This airplane is very impressive. I will be flying it off the water soon. That will be a lot of fun!

Here is the first of 3 videos/articles from Dan Johnson:

I think I had at least 7 interviews. Here is one by Kitplanes:

The show was hot. Record heat for Florida this early. And dusty. No rain during the show never happens. Everything was covered in dust. But I guess that is better than the squall lines we have had in the past.

Interest in the entire Merlin line was strong. And even we don’t market it, the 2-seat Merlin yet demand is picking up.

I made a nice video of the flights into the show and lost it. Sigh. So, starting over, here is a video of the return from SNF with the Merlin Lite:

Bottom right you can see a new addition: Remote choke for the Polini 303DS.

Here is my short-term work plan, with some overlapping tasks:

  • Sunday, I fly back to Europe. First stop is UK for more flight trials with the Vtwin Merlin. This is valuable to really prove the engine installation is sorted.
  • Next stop will be TPA in Olomouc, CZ. I will be sorting out the Vtwin documentation for the build manual and POH plus sorting the Merlin Lite POH, collecting parts, and a dozen or so other details with TPA.
  • And checking on the Merlin kits that should be nearly finished and will be shipped to M-Squared for assembly in USA soon.
  • And a possible stop at the AERO show as long as I am over there.
  • Plus, a visit to my Prague-based dentist. Hockey ya know…

I expect this trip will be under two weeks. I need to get back to USA to finish:

  • Numerous Merlin builds. Two Merlins in Dayton are nearly done then move operations to M-Squared in Alabama to finish builds there and get Paul up to speed.
  • Merlin Lite flight testing in Florida.
  • Merlin Lite on floats flights. And some really cool video I expect.
  • And a build in the Philippines to complete.
  • Then get ready for Oshkosh! I would like to have a TrueLite or two done for Oshkosh plus the Electrolite. But getting all the above work done by that term will be a challenge.

Watch this space to see the results in real time!



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  1. Jonathan Baron
    Jonathan Baron says:

    Hi Chip,

    Congrats on another awesome airplane.

    Merlin Lite wings: are long and short wings interchangeable? i.e. – can one buy two sets and hang one for gliding and another for cruising?

    Or are the long wings good for both?

    Thank you

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