TrueLite Guest Blog – Francesco Di Martino – Aviad

By Francesco Di Martino

Newsletter Update: Progress and Next Steps

Dear Customers,

We want to share some updates. We are working hard on this first production batch, which includes important changes such as the integration of flaps and a longer wing, and longer fuselage, causing some delays. Nevertheless, there is also good news. The production process is becoming easier to replicate, and our collaborator in the USA is conducting tests with excellent feedback.

We are very pleased with the TrueLite project overall and eager to deliver as soon as possible.

We have encountered some obstacles recently, but we are moving forward with determination:

Sun and Fun Show: Although we managed to have the plane ready in time for the show, the shipping process took almost 3 weeks. As incredible as it sounds, we didn’t transport the plane ourselves; it was shipped by boat. Delegating the shipping work was not enough. The shipping company did not request the necessary information on time and did not communicate anything essential to make it happen. As a result, I spent day after day managing the shipment to ensure it was loaded successfully and organizing the unloading in the USA on time.

Molding System Development: To improve the production process and achieve optimal stamping results, we developed a method that took us 3 weeks. Working with such thin wing skin and achieving a good result required that the ribs be perfectly at 90 degrees. This now reduces assembly work and avoids manual adjustments.

New CNC Bending Machine: This machinery improves repeatability and speeds up the work, although adjusting it to the existing designs caused some delays in standardizing the process.

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Version Management Integration: Modifications to the wing and flaps, along with the pressure of the Sun and Fun show, made it necessary to integrate custom software for version management. We dedicated two weeks to this, which now allows us to trace each production batch and its files easily, streamlining our future processes.

General Production: Although we planned to use laser cutting, nearby suppliers encountered problems with the aluminum, so we are cutting everything with CNC. While this offers better control, it entails additional time not considered in our planning.

Next Step

We now face the arduous task of handling accessories, a list that changes constantly with modifications. Therefore, we are considering splitting the shipments to expedite assembly in the USA. Since smaller shipments do not make much difference, we will evaluate the best option with our collaborator. For the kits in Europe, we are still on track and expect to meet the planned timeline, which is very important to us.

Although we cannot yet define an exact delivery date, our initial forecast was for this month in the USA. With the unforeseen issues, we estimate an additional delay of 8-9 weeks. For our customers in the USA, we can split the shipments into separate kits so that work can continue while we address the final adjustments and accessories.

We appreciate your feedback to make informed decisions and your patience and understanding of the work we are doing.

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