TrueLite Update

The dust has settled from the SNF show and now it’s time to get back to the South Lakeland Airport hangar and get busy.

If you recall, the container with the TrueLite arrived from Spain just hours before the SNF show opened. All we could do was unload it and unfold the wings. Now I have upgraded the panel with an EFIS and transceiver, prepared the weight and balance, and, generally, prepared the aircraft for flight.

I came up with the name TrueLite because most ultralights don’t quite meet the low Part 103 weight limits of 254 lbs., or 278 lbs. with a chute. I suppose most ultralight manufacturers did design a compliant ultralight, but most customers pile on options and choose bigger engines resulting in an aircraft over the limit.

I have a few electronic bathroom scales in the hangar and, after confirming a consistent reading of my weight, weighed the TrueLite. It came in at 268 lbs. a full 10 lbs. UNDER the Part 103 limit. If you choose not to have the chute, then expect the aircraft to come in around 5 lbs. under the 254 lb. weight limit. We have a local DAR with certified scales I will hire to document this weight professionally for our FAA records.

The weight margin will allow customers to add a few items although I am not sure what. The aircraft now as it is delivered is pretty complete. Some may choose to install a bigger ‘tundra’ tire. I am not sure it needs it but might look nice. And the speed/drag penalty is minimal as this is an ultralight, and by definition, flys slow.

Here is my panel: EFIS, Transceiver, Flap Control & Indicator, EMS, mag switches, avionics switch, and push-to-start button. GPS antenna is below. 2 expansion holes are there for perhaps transponder or autopilot? I will install covers when they arrive.

Here is the video of a short taxi test made this morning. First flights coming up!


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  1. Thom Riddle
    Thom Riddle says:

    Will the Electrolite be available as tailwheel or just tricycle?
    Will the Electrolite meet part 103 without a BRS?
    What is the projected price of ready to fly Electrolite?

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